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Updated as of June 26, 2023


Senator – VA | Businessman | Former Governor – VA

Democratic Party | "Radical Centrist"

Score: 28 (Well Above Average)

Senator Mark Warner July 2023


Senator Warner is a third-term Virginia Senator (Democratic party), former governor of Virginia, and businessman with a reputation for bipartisanship and working across the aisle. A self-described "radical centrist," Sen. Warner's platform is focused on addressing challenges to Virginian job creation, promoting veteran's rights, promoting civil rights such as voting and marriage equality, expanding education access, strengthening cybersecurity, investing in underserved communities, and more. 

Sen. Warner serves as the Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, and is a member of the Finance, Banking, Budget, and Rules Committees. He also brings with him years of business experience, having co-founded the company that became Nextel.

Mark Warner
D - VA | Senator | Businessman


Mark Warner's Better POTUS Prism Score is 28, meaning that his demonstrated presidential leadership skills are well above average. In the 'well above average' range, there are 2 potential presidential candidates of the total list of 2 potential presidential candidates, meaning that Mark Warner has the potential to be equally effective as a leader compared to other candidates evaluated for their Better POTUS Prism scores. 

Mark Warner

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